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Arduino Phone

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to build an Arduino phone. (Easier said than done!) Well, the actual "building" part isn't too difficult, but the coding part is insanely tedious! I have to write like 2000 lines of code to have a fully functioning phone!

Currently it can call, check the time, check for signal quality and has a bunch of other small functions. It can't receive a call, send texts, use contacts... So it's pretty much useless so far.

Here are a few pictures of the phone:
IMAG1919-copy IMAG1920-copy IMAG1921-copy IMAG1922-copy IMAG1923-copy

UPDATE: today (4 weeks after I first began this project) I hold in my hand a finished phone that I myself have designed built and coded. I feel so proud! The cover is made of layers of laser-cut plexiglass held together with screws. The phone is ridiculously huge and can barely fit in one's hand, but it's not that heavy.

Enjoy these pics of the finished phone:
1 2

The code for the phone is on my GitHub